World Languages at John Hay – Winter 2010

World Languages at John Hay – Winter 2010

Spanish – French – Mandarin – Japanese

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The session begins January 4. Registration deadline is December 11!

Give your child the opportunity to learn a world language! New classes are forming for the winter session, so register now to secure a space!

World language learning is critical for your child.   Children who have studied a second language in a sequential, well-organized program exhibit better developmental advancement:

o       They do significantly better at tasks requiring divergent thinking, problem solving, and figural creativity (Landry, 1974);

o       They score higher on standardized tests in language arts, reading, and math than students not enrolled in foreign language programs (Rafferty, 1986; Garfinkel and Tabor, 1991);

o       They have an improved self-concept and sense of achievement (Masciantonio, 1977). 

Online Registration for the Winter Session November 20-December 11   Class size is capped at 12 students, and requires a minimum of 8, students per class – you will be notified by e-mail of schedule changes due to class sizes.  Register online or get detailed information on class schedules, locations, tuition payment procedures, and scholarships at  If you do not have internet access, please call Barbara Ford at 708-4633.


The multimedia-based curriculum we use for French and was developed by the BBC.  Elementary levels combine music, games, fairytales and physical activities to introduce the basic vocabulary and sounds of French.


Beginning and intermediate levels are offered.  A multi-sensory curriculum is used.  Students learn academic and social language skills through games, music, art, and role playing and spontaneous conversation.  The focus is on development of oral proficiency. 


Beginning and intermediate levels are offered.  Games, art projects, music and physical activities guide the curricula for these culturally enriched classes.    

Schedule:  January 4-March 25.   Classes meet two times per week before or after school in coordination with regular school day schedules.  Please see web site for specific class schedules.

Tuition: $210 per student for classes 2 times a week  (Scholarships are available – see web site for details.

Questions?:  Contact Barbara Ford at or 708-4633


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