A Journey with an Afghan School

A Journey with an Afghan School –
A John Hay Commitment to Making a Difference

More than 145 million children world wide are deprived of education due to poverty, slavery, gender discrimination, religious extremism and corrupt governments.  Most of us, as parents and teachers, agree that every child deserves a chance to go to school.  To achieve universal literacy and education for all children, especially girls, we at John Hay support a school in rural Afghanistan.

Last year John Hay made a commitment to what we hoped would become an ongoing relationship with American Friendship Foundation’s Journey with an Afghan School.  In the past year, our sister school had significant damage to its structure from bombing, insects, and earthquakes.  Through John Hay’s financial support from our 2008-2009 Sock Hop fundraiser, as well as very generous private donors, we were able to raise close to the necessary $15,000 that was needed to put a new roof on our sister school. Our continued financial support goes toward basic needs of the school such as maintenance of the building, supplies, clean water, heat and especially teacher training which will ensure quality education is delivered to all 4,000 plus students who attend this school.

Our dedication to this cause goes even deeper because by supporting A Journey with an Afghan School our John Hay kids have an opportunity to participate in a cross cultural exchange program through art and friendship. Together we can engage, educate, inspire and empower these children from a region which has had at least three decades of war and occupancy.  We ask for your help!

Please join us for a very important planning committee meeting on Tuesday, December 8th at 3:35 PM in the second floor Art room. 

January 26th 6:30-7:30 PM  Open House for Parents – Presentation by Julie Bolz, founder of A Journey with an Afghan School (childcare at Kids Co.)

January 27th-28th  Class presentations with Julie Bolz

February 24th  Day of Life @ John Hay – John Hay children will experience the life of an Afghan child

March 12th – Sock Hop fundraiser – Fun for the entire family!

For more information contact Mahvash Harvey at zkharvey@msn.com or Kathy Aminian at ksaminian@seattleschools.org


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