Auction Procurement

Dear John Hay Families,

Hi, my name is Stacy Sikora and I am the Procurement Team Leader for this year’s auction. Even though our school auction is not until Saturday, May 1, 2010, the procurement team has been hard at work making sure we have lots of great donations for the auction. This year we either mailed or hand-delivered letters to any organization who donated the last three years, plus some additional businesses. Our letters went out to businesses in the neighborhood last week and we are hoping to follow-up this week before the holidays.

We would love to have your help with the follow-up! We know John Hay families have a personal connections with many of these organizations, and know it would be much more effective if we could rely on the “personal touch” for follow up.

Our website shows a list of businesses in alphabetical order that have received a letter. If you have a connection, or know someone who does, please, please contact me so I can coordinate our efforts. Also, if you could let me know before contacting them, that would be great, so we can avoid multiple contacts to the same business. Otherwise, Scott Cooper from Blue Highway Games will be getting a lot of phone calls!

I will be updating the listings and what they are donating on the website. This will allow you to see who has made donations, plus get an early look at what items we will have at our school auction to bid on.

Here is my contact information:

If you know someone not on the list, hardcopies of letters and forms are available in the Volunteer Office, attached below and on the website (look for Fundraising/Spring Auction). Also, if you personally have a cabin to rent, tickets to donate, etc, please let us know. Traditionally, our best selling items are anything involving wine, kids, trips and events (arts or sports). We will be posting a list of “creative procurement items” (eg frozen cookie dough) soon.

Thanks everyone for your time and we appreciate any help procuring items for the school auction.

Sincerely, Stacy and The Procurement Team

Procurement Form 2009-2010
Procurement Letter 2009-2010
List of Businesses 2009-2010
(updated 11/12/09)


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