john hay art year

Hello John Hay community!

This year is a Festival of the Arts at John Hay, AND we want to have a spectacular annual auction, so the art room desperately needs more help–YOURS!

Art room necessities:
2. Paper: nice watercolor papers, printing papers, etc. would be put to good use. 18″ x 24″ is a great size.
3. Scrap wire: we can strip the plastic coating off and use the smaller wires for mobiles, masks, sculptures, you name it!
4. Beads.
5. Scrap fabric. Cotton is best. Old sheets would be great!
6. Nicer paintbrushes: small, medium, large. See/email me for specifics.
7. I need help installing a wire for a drying line in the room 200.
8. Smocks (old tees for covering clothes, aprons, etc.)
9. Other: if you have it lying around, and think it might be useful, it likely IS! See/email me to make certain.


Shellwyn Badger


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