Move-a-thon is THIS Friday!

Get Ready…Get Set…to MOVE on October 16th!

 The John Hay Move-a-Thon is this FRIDAY!  All students and staff will move (run, jog, walk) around a course for 20-30 minutes, raising funds with every step.

 John Hay’s goal of $67,000 for this year’s Move-a-thon translates into approximately $150 per student.  This is money that pays for art, music, tutors, advanced learning …and much much more!

WE NEED YOUR HELP IN MAKING THIS A SUCCESS AND REACHING OUR GOAL!  Please spend some time gaining support and participation from family, friends and neighbors. Here are a few ideas for making the most of this fundraising opportunity:

« Pledge by the Lap:   Some kids really like to challenge themselves to run a certain number of laps. Supporters can pledge an amount per lap, and then kids can collect funds after Move-a-Thon Day, based on the actual number of laps run.

 « Donations in Advance:  Sometimes donors (or kids!) prefer a single collection. Supporters can make a donation before the Move-a-Thon in any amount they wish.

 « Donations by Mail:  Reach out to friends and family far away.  Remember – all donations are tax deductible!

 « Corporate matching programs.Many companies will match their employees’ charitable giving. Move-a-Thon donations qualify for matching. Please take the time to complete any necessary paperwork; these funds really add up!

* Have a bake sale  or a garage sale.  Have a lemonade stand. or sell hot chocolate at your soccer game.  Make it fun for the kids to raise their own money.  Remember, you can still raise money after the Move-a-Thon as envelopes are not due until November 2nd!


 Please make all checks payable to The John Hay Foundation. This event is sponsored by the John Hay Partners. The John Hay Foundation is a non-profit organization registered with the Secretary of State. All funds benefit John)Hay Partners-approved programs and all contributions are tax-deductible. Tax IS #916001541.


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