Funding Schools – Phase II

 September 17, 2009

Join Seattle Council PTSA and Speaker of the House Frand Chopp to discuss the challenges and possibilities ahead.  Thursday, September 17th, 6:45pm-8:30pm at Catherine Blaine K-8 cafeteria (2550 34th W, Seattle, WA 98199)

Washington is 42nd in spending:  The way Washington funds schools hasn’t been working – mainly because the state didn’t have a handle on what students really need.  For instance, it only funded 5 periods when kids need 6 to get into college.  High school requirements didn’t align with college and employer requirements.  And while Seattle kids did well on the WASL – and many taking the SAT did great – five out of six grads didn’t have the credits to get into college.  In 2007, only 17 percent of Seattle Public School graduates met university requirements.

Money from the state doesn’t cover what communities expect – and often falls short on transportation and overhead costs.  Legislation passed last year promises to overhaul the way we fund schools – and to pay for the education kids really need.  But the big debate over HOW to increase education funding (take it from other areas or increase tax revenue) remains.

Do we need tax reform?  More revenue?  What are the likely proposals?  What if new funding isn’t secured?  We hope this will be the first in a series of conversations about changing the way we think about what’s “basic” in education.


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