Whine, Whine, Whine…we need wine!

The John Hay annual auction is sneaking up on us…May 2 to be exact! So, it’s time to get those donations in, but we have great news.  Donating wine just got even easier AND we have a fabulous opportunity available to those ready to donate wine purchased at one of our favorite local merchants!

Here’s what to do:

Just call or stop in at McCarthy & Schiering, 2401 B Queen Anne Avenue North , 206-282-8500(Tues – Fri 11-7; Sat 10-6).  McCarthy & Schiering is generously offering to sell wine for the John Hay auction to any donor at the lowest price they are permitted to charge by Washington state liquor laws.

Tell anyone at the store that you’re buying wine for the John Hay auction and how much you want to spend. They will match the amount with wine from their selection.  Please keep in mind that we are asking for a minimum value on wine donations of $15 for the wine grab. Wines of higher value will be auctioned in the silent auction.

Give them your credit card number (Visa or MasterCard) and voila, you will have donated a bottle (or two!) of wine! 

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE… if you buy three or more bottles from McCarthy & Schiering for our auction, you can sign up for a free McCarthy & Schiering Vintage Select Membership.  This entitles you to a 15-17% discount on all future wine purchases at the store, forever!  This Vintage Select Membership normally costs $100!

If you purchase wine from McCarthy & Schering, you don’t have to do another thing.  They will complete the donation form and we will pick up the wine for you.

Read the flyer here.


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