Auction Featured Items of the Day

Every year, the Auction features unique and one-of-a-kind teacher experiences.  These are fun and rewarding adventures for the kids.  Here are a few of this year’s wonderful experiences:

Ms. Carter will take 3-4 children on an adventure and picnic to Discovery Park for an afternoon. 

Ms. Burke will take 4-6 kids to Mr. Burke’s fire station for a VIP tour.  Kids will help cook lunch for 8 firefighters.

Ms. Aminian will spend the day with 3 students making kites at her house and baking cookies, then picnicking and flying their new kites at Juanita Bay.

Ms. Ewbank and Ms. Mirabueno will take 2 children each on Ride The Ducks and then out to a yummy lunch!

Get ready to make your bid on these exciting opportunities.  And remember to stop by the Volunteer Office to RSVP and Express Pay!  Stay tuned for more Featured Auction Items!


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