Featured Auction Item(s) of the Day

Teacher and Staff experiences are a fun part of our auction.  You can bid on a wide assortment of experiences, such as:

Have Ms. Walter over for dinner – Ms. Walter will come to your house to help your child make dinner for your family!  Your child will enjoy Ms. Walter’s company as they plan, shop and cook a favorite family meal.  Your family will be the envy of Room 102!

Join Ms. Golden, Ms. BC and Joe (Mr. BC, himself) for a fun-filled evening of pizza, movie and story (by Joe) in Room 106.  This is a kids only event on Friday, June 12th from 5-8pm…which means parents can enjoy their own night out!  $50 per child.

Breakfast with the Office Ladies – Ms. Abella, Ms. Harrison and Ms. Howard greet us each morning with a great big smile and a warm hello!  There will be no better way to start the day then with a lovely breakfast with the three of them!  Bid on this item and win a fun morning with the Office Ladies!

And, don’t forget to stop by the Volunteer Office to RSVP, Express Pay and purchase your Golden Tickets!


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