Tell Us What You Think About the John Hay Daily Email!

Now that you’ve had a chance to try the Daily Email (and even if you haven’t), we’d like to hear what you think! Here are four possible ways we can move forward; what would you like to see?

  1. Continue with the Daily Email reminders, with or without changes (suggestions?).
  2. Switch to a Weekly Email reminder. Perhaps Mondays or Fridays (realizing that Yahoo groups sometimes back up and won’t deliver on time).
  3. Whatever the frequency of the reminder email, send a separate email to point to the Principal Page Newsletter whenever it’s posted (usually once a month).
  4. Discontinue the Email altogether. You think families will go to the website frequently on their own.

We didn’t include RSS feed (sending an email whenever the website is updated) because it’s a rare day that multiple posts aren’t added to the Bulletin–and most families we spoke with want no more than one Hay email per day.

Please email your “vote” or other thoughts about the Daily Email to parent volunteer Lauren Howell at Your response will help us fine-tune our efforts.


Thanks to our volunteer web team, we’ve been able to make the John Hay Daily Bulletin the actual location for posting, managing and viewing all-school news. It’s a terrific solution; easily managed by a volunteer team and offering a great user experience for viewing and searching all-school news.

That leaves the Daily Email as a reminder to visit the Daily Bulletin for “today’s all-school news and announcements (new items are added daily).” The URL link is included for quick access. Over 70% of John Hay families have signed up with the John-Hay-Elementary group and are receiving the Daily Email.

It’s a balancing act, trying to accommodate the information needs and styles of all our families while relying on free and volunteer resources. We appreciate your support as we work together to cut costs, go “green” and try to improve our communication processes at John Hay.

Thank you!

The John Hay Partners Communication Team


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