John Hay is Going Paperless!

In an effort to cut expenses, improve communications and save trees, John Hay is taking its first steps to go paperless! This will be an incremental process focusing first on school-wide news and information. Classroom correspondence will continue unchanged for now.

As of April 1st, we will rely on the school website and a daily email to deliver school news, announcements, Principal Page Newsletters, reminders, requests and more. Here is how we plan to do it:

  • Redesigned Website: More useable and friendly, our redesigned website will be your go-to source for all things John Hay.
  • Daily Bulletin: This website page will list school happenings for the day (for example, early dismissal, after-school activities, photo retakes, etc.).
  • Daily Email: A single daily Yahoo!Groups email will contain reminders and links to the website (including to the Daily Bulletin). This will replace ParentOrganizer.

To get started, we need to know what e-mail addresses to use for your family. As of April 1, these e-mail addresses will start receiving the once-a-day Daily Hay Email – and you will be on your way to paperless!

Forms went home Wednesday 2/11 in the red folders; please fill in, SIGN, and return a copy in the red folder by Wednesday, February 25th. Thank You!


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